Ready To Promote? - Let’s Work!

You just finished up in the studio and have a hot track. Add your SoundCloud, Spotify, and iTunes links to your social media and post to your followers. But how do you get people you don’t know to hear it? Get a buzz going locally by starting a music campaign on Spinfire. Promote your music in the clubs and events where music influencers and potential fans can be found.

Easy to Use

Load your music. Search by club, event, DJ or city and submit requests to get played at the club or event. Quick, low cost way to test the market. Spins as low as $20.

The spin order screen

Connect Directly To the DJ

Get notified when DJs accept your request. Instant feedback if they decline to play the song. Receive proof of play videos of your song playing.

The request a spin screenshot

Everything is A Tap Away

See newly joined DJs. Find the latest upcoming events for the week. Make new relationships outside of your local city.

The artist dashboard screenshot

What artists are saying.

Spinfire is a new app that makes you a priority.

For artists serious about getting their record broke and are ready to put in work to do it.

Download the app.

Want to get your music heard? Start a proactive music campaign in the club by loading your music to the Spinfire mobile app.