Spinfire is the only true direct to consumer marketing platform for Club DJs. Through our app you get paid “per spin” by artists who want their music played at clubs and events.

It's completely free to join. Just register, add your schedule and set your price. Platform fees are taken out of the revenue you earn.

You can charge from $20 to $500 per spin its entirely up to you. You set your own spin price.

That depends on the amount of hours on your spin schedule. We allow up to 10 spins per hour.

You must add at least one Spin Schedule.

Spinfire is your personal marketing platform. Use social media to let people know you sell spins on Spinfire.

DJs receive payment 2 business days after they send their Proof of Play video to the artist/customer.

An ACH deposit is made to the bank account added when you set up your payments profile.

Yes if you don't send the proof of play video 12 hours after the end of the event or if you play the wrong song.

Yes. Artists from anywhere in the world can Request a Spin from you.

You can cancel the request but it can affect your DJ reviews... Plus its a bad look.