The Music Marketing Platform Designed With the DJ in Mind

Establish and Build Relationships

Connect with serious artists that are actively promoting their music. Update the way you meet and connect with artists.

Get Recognized and Rewarded

Set your own spin prices. Get paid doing what you love. Give artists one minute proof of play videos. Show how you helped break a new artist.

Break New Music

Preview songs before you accept or decline to play song. Hear music from new and upcoming artists across the world and give your feedback.

Promote Your Brand. You are Your Business

Post your event and club fliers. Load your schedules. Tell people where you are going to spin. We promote you to the artists. You should too!

Easy to use

Entire process done from your phone. No more walk ups! No cost to join. No risk. Small platform fees applicable.

What DJs are saying.

Best way to connect to the artist that wants to get their music directly to you. It’s the next new wave.

Spinfire app is a great platform. I connect with new artists and hear great new music to break. This is a game changer!

Download the app.

Want to get your music heard? Start a proactive music campaign in the club by loading your music to the Spinfire mobile app.